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How do you get over a break-up?

Many of us were surprised by the news of Heidi Klum and Seal’s separation. After all, they had children and were together a long time – at least by Hollywood standards. While we’ll never know what7777... [Read more]

Are you being honest with your dates?

We all like to make a good impression when it comes to love. We want others to see our best selves, even if it means glossing over a few flaws or past indiscretions. After all, if a potential date seems7777... [Read more]

Dating a bad boy?

Some of the guys wearing this think they’re projecting a bad-boy image.

Most of us women love bad boys. There’s something terribly attractive about a guy who oozes confidence, sex appeal, and lives his life without caring what other people think. Dating a bad boy means a7777... [Read more]

Money and dating: what are the new rules?

Money and dating can be a dicey mix. Traditionally, women have expected men to pay for their dates, at least in the beginning of a relationship. Picking up the tab was considered to be the way men showed7777... [Read more]

Good Dates – A Plan for Action

There is nothing worse than asking someone out on a date and not being able to have a good time. No matter how compatible the two of you are, without the proper date “planned”, your night could end7777... [Read more]


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